Word Editor – Premium

Text Styling Converter

Word Editor tool with amazing premium and additional features has been uploaded free of cost only on this platform. We provide unique tools with all premium and additional features free of cost only for users so that they can use tools for their benefit.

We have included the following Premium Features in the Word Editor:

Bold – It will make the output bold

Italic – This will make the output Italic

Underline – This will underline the word

Highlight – this will highlight the text

Strikethrough – This will add a line through the entire text

Superscript – This will make the eligible text superscripted. e.g x^2

Subscript – This will make the eligible text Superscripted

Align Left – this will align the text to left

Align Centre – This will align the text to the centre

Align Right – this will align the text to the right

Increase Text Size – this will increase the text size

Decrease Text Size – This will decrease the text size

Change text color – this will change the text color

Change Text Background Color – This will help you to change the text background color

Clear Formatting – this will clear all the format of the text applied

We also have introduced some additional features to the word editor:

Count Characters – This will count the characters

Count Words – this will count words

Reverse Words – this will reverse the entire words

Convert to Uppercase – this will convert words to uppercase

Convert to Lowercase – This will convert the words to lowercase

Capitalize Text – This will make the first letter of the word capital

Toggle Text – This will make all the words capital

Insert Line Breaks – This will insert a line break between words

Remove Line Breaks – This will remove the line break between words

We added all the premium features free of cost. Feel free to use the tools for your benefit.

Thank You for Choosing Us