Word Merger – Premium

Word Merger

A word merger tool has been uploaded to this website for those who are seeking to merge different words and sentences. Some platforms charge for such tools but we have offered such tools with premium features and additional features for the benefit of the users and provide them a quality experience.

We have added premium features like:

reverse words – This feature in Word Merger will reverse the output

shuffle words – This feature will shuffle the position of the output randomly

capitalize words – this feature will make the result first letter in upper case

Toggle Case – This feature will make all the letters capital

Remove duplicates – This feature will remove duplicate letters from the output

Sort words – This feature will sort the added words

Count words – This feature will count the characters and words

Join with a custom delimiter – this feature will specify the boundary between different regions

Extract unique words – This feature will use to extract unique words for the result

Extract Longest word – This feature will help you to extract the longest word from the input

Additional Features:

We have added these premium features free of cost and also provided the option to reset the data.

Thank you for choosing us. And feel free to use the tool to your fullest potential and benefit.